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                                Welcome to Our Web site!

Longhair Weimaraner fanciers from many countries have contributed to this website in an effort to educate Weimaraner owners about this coat variety.  We hope you enjoy learning about how they are appreciated and loved by their owners and breeders.

I am a longtime Weimaraner breeder who has been interested in the Longhair Weimaraner since 1987 when I went to Germany to represent the Weimaraner Club of America as WCA Vice President and to attend the Major Herber Herbstzuchtprufung in Pommersfelden, Bavaria.  There I saw the beautiful Longhairs and discussed the coat variety with the German club members.  The German club members were completely baffled about our standard and asked me "Why does the WCA hate the Longhair?"  I was embarrassed to say, I did not know.

The Longhair gene plays an important role in the thickness of the shorthair's undercoat so that the Weimaraner can more easily do field and water work in cold weather.  In 1987, I donated a Longhair from one of my litters to the German club.  Uberraschung von Silversmith,187 HZP, 314 VGPF1, passed all the German tests and was bred several times.  I was able to contact other US breeders and asked them to send their LH pups with undocked tails to the Germans to help their gene pool.  This was a great success and so today, many of the German Longhair Weimaraners have US bred dogs in their pedigrees. We are very proud of our contributions to their breeding programs.

Unfortunately, we still have the disqualification of the LH in the US standard as written by the Weimaraner Club of America in 1972.  Because of this, it is considered unethical for WCA members to deliberately breed LH Weimaraners (or any Weimaraner with a disqualifying fault).

Currently, we are trying to find the basis of the decision to make it a disqualification.  Our hope is that the WCA will eventually vote to remove the disqualification and allow the Longhair Weimaraner to be shown as is done in the rest of the world.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. 


 Elena Smith Lamberson

This website is owned and maintained by Elena Smith Lamberson

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