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This page is dedicated to Sylvia Voorn (The Netherlands) and to Debbie Andrews  (USA) whose love of the Weimaraner has led them to gather and record valuable historical data from all over the world. Thank you, dear ladies, for sharing your knowledge.

           The first known Longhair Weimaraners in 1935. Their first litter was in 1936

 By Deborah Andrews
               WCA Liaison to the German Weimaraner Club

The first breeding entries regarding the Weimaraner appeared in the pedigree book of the German Shorthair Club. Most entries were from the SH Weimaraner. Noticeable changes were brought about through the notable Austrian, Ludwig von Merey von Kapos Mere (1871-1938), who was famous for his many books on hunting dogs written under the pen name Hegendorf.

 At a show in Vienna in 1934, he saw the LH Weimaraner Tell von Stranzendorf (OZW 279). TELL was from the SH parents  Hella Wagner bred with  Pollo von Hollabrunner.  TELL's sire and dam each had SH parents and grandparents. Among Hegendorf’s most notable books was "The Successful Battle Against Poachers By The Use of Hunting Dogs in Forestry and Game Protection." He was not concerned with color and hair texture, but rather with this versatile hunting dog and its many practical uses.

The honorary title "forestry dog" applied only to such dogs, which in addition to their hunting ability, proved reliable in game protection and by distinguishing themselves in tracking these poachers. Hegendorf worked closely with Otto Stockmeyer, the head of the Austrian Weimaraner Club. Stockmeyer also held the title of Chief of the Department of Forestry in Grafenegg. He had been handling Weimaraners since 1913. Stockmeyer convinced Prince Hans of Ratibor-Hohenlohe of the usefulness of the Weimaraner. Consequently, each forester and hunter in the service of the government was required to have a Weimaraner for his use.

A puppy from the "N- litter” from Dr. Hans Schmidt*,  zum Laubwald, explores shallow water.


In 1924, when the Austrian Weimaraner Club was founded, 10 of the 32 Weimaraners in Austria were owned by the Department of Forestry in Grafenegg. The Club was also the first hunting dog organization in Europe which trained its dogs for security duties and for this purpose, established competitive testing procedures. Using Stockmeyer's influence, Hegendorf was able to convince Major Robert a.D. (retired) Herber, the President of the German Weimaraner Club from 1921-1946, of the value of the LH Weimaraner.


Puppies from the "N-litter” zum Laubwald*, sun themselves in the grass.

During the 1935 International World Dog Exposition in Frankfurt/Main, the variety gained both national and international recognition. The breed standard would be supplemented with a corresponding addition. Meanwhile, in Austria, a systematic plan for breeding the LH Weimaraner was developed. Klaus Hartmann from Wolfsburg, Germany (Breeding Regulator from 1963 until 1975) attracted the attention of the club members for the qualities of his LH Weimaraner, Nina von Branneckerhof  (W. 983) and her offspring. Countless valuable purebred LH Weimaraners have come from the Greifenburg Kennel.

*Note: Dr. Hans Schmidt, a highly respected German LH breeder (zum Laubwald), was the German Weimaraner Club's chairman of the Longhaired Weimaraner section for many years.

  Ed Note:  Debbie Andrews has published a wonderful book, entitled The Weimaraner Memory Book, commemorating the 100 year history of the German Weimaraner Klub e. V. 1897-1997. Information about purchasing this book may be found at furstpless@hotmail.com Tel: 304-782-3009


The following longhair photos document the rich history of this coat variety in Europe, UK and Australia.  Thanks to those who sent these for our website and particularly to Sylvia Voorn of The Netherlands, whose never ending work has produced an enormous data base of over 100,000 Weimaraners from all over the world. Please visit her site: www.weimaranerpedigrees.com

We are continuing to work on this page of historical photos.  More soon...

 Eng Sh Ch Pondrige Practical Joker
First English LH Show Champion




Hief aus der Greifenburg

The First Weimaraner Longhair in the Netherlands



Britta vom Auhofer Gut

Foundation bitch for "zum Laubwald" Kennel


Asta von Gut Blaustauden
Longhair exported from Austria to UK


1st RUBISS, and 1st Grand Champion
Ch Greygables Wild N Woolly, Gr Ch Sinaway Kaltlegrad Kurt (ai) also first AI  litter of Weimaraners in Australia of any coat



Dino von der Hagardburg

Longhair exported from Austria to UK




Nina vom Brunneckerhof
Foundation bitch for "aus der Greifenburg" kennel



Nina v. Brunneckerhof and Derb a/d Wetter Au

Parents of  Hief aus der Greifenburg who was
First Longhair in The Netherlands





Satta vom Brunneckerhof
Exported from Austria to the USA



















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